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We create a technology road map tailored around your specific business drivers

Vendor Management

Our customers use us as their single point of contact for all of their telecommunications vendors.This role enables us, using our industry experience and relationships, to:

  • Secure competitive pricing on service proposals.
  • Advise on the strengths/weaknesses/benefits of carriers and services related to a customer's requirements.
  • Drive favorable contract terms for service level agreements, term lengths, and service migration/upgrade language.
  • Leverage our back office systems to effectively process all MACDs (moves, adds, changes, and disconnects) on our customer's behalf.
  • Ensure our customer is being billed correctly for the services ordered.
  • Maintain and provide our customer with an inventory of contract information and services.


The term "cloud" has been over used and over hyped to sell a legion of virtual services which are often defined (ironically) in a nebulous and mysterious manner. However, hidden beneath those cloud services logos and acronyms are services that can transform how you do business and improve your bottom line. Before identifying and moving to a virtual or hosted service, an evaluation of your organization's business processes, IT and accounting controls, business goals, and culture is critical. V1 Datacom helps you make a successful transition to the virtual, hosted, and managed world by working with you to identify your corporate goals, the business drivers you feel will increase your company's performance, and the ways in which IT can better enable your business to succeed.

Legacy Services

Legacy services are basic telecom products such as local dial tone, long distance, and point-to-point connections. While many of these products are somewhat "commoditized," smooth implementation, ongoing service, and accurate billing still evade nearly every telecommunication provider. We ensure the service is ordered, delivered, and invoiced in a timely and accurate manner.


Mobile phone service has become both easier and harder in modern times. Several years ago, the corporate trend was to reimburse employee cell phone use to avoid the "hassle" of managing devices and plans. With the advent of "smart phones", employees are walking around with work email, contacts, and other proprietary information.

Risk management of the intellectual property contained on these devices has caused many of our clients to revert back to corporate responsibility. The burden of managing the devices, ensuring subscription to the most competitively priced plan, and receiving accurate invoices has not changed. The addition of data services to a cell phone has more than doubled the cost per device.

For many of our clients the cost of wireless has eclipsed the other portions of network cost and now represents the most expensive segment on the network. While smart phones have dramatically increased productivity, they also represent real challenges in protecting company property and cost control. Our firm provides tools and solutions to effectively manage enterprise mobility.

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